Bristol, England

Cabot statue John Cabot's statue
18 Sep 1996
John Cabot, a bronze by Stephen Joyce, erected in 1985, sits by Bush House on Narrow Quay.

The Venetian explorer John Cabot secured a commission from king Henry VII of England to search for the spice islands by sailing west. In 1497 he sailed his ship the Matthew from Bristol across the Atlantic and landed at Cape Breton Island in Newfoundland which he confidently declared to be an uninhabited part of China.

Park Street Park Street
18 Sep 1996
Bristol Cathedral Bristol Cathedral
18 Sep 1996
Llandoger Trow Llandoger Trow public house, Welsh Back
18 Sep 1996
Christmas Steps Christmas Steps from the top
22 May 1997
Christmas Steps Christmas Steps
22 May 1997
SS Great Britain SS Great Britain
28 Jun 1997


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