Bertie Cyril Ball

21 November 1892 - 22 July 1926


His parents were John Ball (3 February 1864 - 20 June 1951) and Emma Priestley (22 February 1864 - 4 October 1946), married 25 December 1884 at St Mark's, Leicester.



Bertie was born on Wednesday 21st November 1892 at 11 Uppingham Street, Northampton.


Birth: Bertie Cyril Ball Quarter: Dec 1892 District: Northampton Volume: 3b Page: 55  
1892 BIRTH in the Sub-district of St Giles in the County of Northampton
No. When and where born Name, if any Sex Name and surname of father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
153 Second November 1892 11 Uppingham Street Northampton Bertie Cyril Boy John Ball Emma Ball formerly Priestley Insurance Agent John Ball Father 11 Uppingham Street Northampton Eleventh November 1892 E. S. Robinson




On Saturday 3rd September 1921 Bertie married Amy Geraldine Harrison at the Chapel Lane Unitarian Chapel, Bradford.


Marriage: Bertram Cyril Ball Quarter: Sep 1921 District: Bradford Volume: 9b Page: 589 Spouse: Harrison
1921 Marriage solemnized at Chapel Lane Unitarian Chapel in the District of Bradford in the County of York
No. When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
25 Third September 1921 Bertram Cyril Ball 28 years Bachelor Insurance Broker 121 Colwyn Road Northampton John Ball Insurance Manager
Amy Geraldine Harrison 25 years Spinster Secondary School Teacher 31 Duckworth Terrace Bradford Hugh Harrison Grocer
Married in the above named Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Unitarian Churches by License
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Bertram Cyril Ball in the Presence of us, John Ball And in the Presence of A. Cobden Smith (Minister)
Amy Geraldine Harrison Frank Harrison
Ruby G. Denison Authorised Person for this Chapel



He died on Thursday 22nd July 1926 at Spratton, Northamptonshire. An obituary appeared in the following week's edition of the Northampton Independent.


Death: Bertie C. Ball Quarter: Sep 1926 District: Brixworth Volume: 3b Page: 95 Age: 33
1926 DEATH in the Sub-district of Brixworth in the County of Northampton
No. When and where died Name and surname Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
319 Twenty Second July 1926 Spratton R.D. Bertie Cyril Ball Male 33 years Insurance Broker (1) Portal Pyaemia (2) Nephritis Certified by R. Winterbotham M.R.C.S. John Ball 65 Abington Street Northampton Twenty third July 1926 Ralphir Gardner




Northampton Independent
Saturday 31 July 1926


   At the early age of 33 Mr. Bertie Cyril Ball has passed away at his residence, Knockgray House, Spratton. His death will be keenly deplored by a large circle of friends in town and district, for apart from his many local connections, the deceased gentleman was the possessor of a winning personality which commanded the regard of all who knew him.

   The third son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ball, Colwyn Road, Northampton, the deceased was educated at Stimpson Avenue School, the Town and Country School, and later at the Borough Road College, Isleworth. Until the outbreak of war, Mr. Ball was a teacher at the Far Cotton Council School, but as the result of hardships and overwork in the early stages of the war when he joined the R.A.M.C. he had a severe breakdown, and was forced to give up his profession of teaching. He, therefore, assisted his father as insurance broker.

   Mr. Ball was five years ago married to Miss Amy Harrison, M.A., of Leeds University, and went to reside at Spratton. Mr. and Mrs. Ball threw themselves whole-heartedly into the many activities of the village. As secretary of the Young Men's Club Mr. Ball was largely instrumental in bringing it to its present day success. He also conducted a Choral Society of mixed voices for the past three years and under his direction two very successful concerts were held.

   Mr. Ball was a member of the Parish Council, secretary of the Spratton Branch of the Liberal Party, and member of Kettering Division Executive. For some time he was also Rate Collector for the district. At the last District Council Election Mr. Ball was defeated by the Vicar. During Mr. Ball's illness, the Rev. George Raw, M.A., has been a daily visitor.

   The funeral, for which the arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Ann Bonham & Son, Broad Street, Northampton, took place at Spratton on Monday, amid every evidence of sorrow and the deepest sympathy for the bereaved widow and family.