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Mr. Daniel Arthur Berry, whose death occurred on August 12th at his residence, 58, York Road, Northampton, was formerly managing director of the "Phit-Foot" Bespoke Boot Company, Northampton.

He was in his 90th year, and the greater portion of his long career had been spent in the shoe trade.

The first few years of his apprenticeship were served in a private-house in Bull Head Lane as a knot tier, and when he was only 19 years of age he launched out on his own account, establishing a machine and closing factory in Bouverie Street.

In 1876 he closed this factory and built a larger one in Stockley Street, after which the firm continued to make steady progress, necessitating removal to more extensive premises.

Daniel Berry
Mr. D. A. Berry

Big South African Business

Twenty years ago it finally amalgamated with Clarke's of Rushden, and began to manufacture under the name of "Phit-Foot" Bespoke Boot Company, incorporating "Resilia," Ltd.

For the last 30 years the firm has done considerable business with South Africa, and their goods are well known to buyers.

A gold medal was awarded Messrs. D. A. Berry and Co. at the Cape Town Exhibition in 1904-5 for their display of boots and shoes. They have also been contractors to the Government.

Mr. Berry was the inventor of machines used in the shoe trade, and in 1866 he designed the first arm-type golosh machine.

Mechanical experts in the shoe trade may be interested to learn that his original model had a wheel feed, an oscillating shuttle, and made a lockstitch.

Another of Mr. Berry's inventions was a "loop cover" for boots, which he patented in a factory in Angel Lane known as Berry and Co. He also invented the "left-handed" machine whereas hitherto all machines had been right-handed.

Among First Pledge Signatures

A total abstainer and non-smoker all his life, Mr. Berry was a strong supporter of the Temperance Society and was one of the first men to sign the pledge in Northampton - in 1864. For 50 years he had been connected with St. Giles' Church and had held several offices.

He is survived by his daughter, Miss Alice May Berry (Wakefield), and Mr. Daniel Arthur Berry (Manchester).

The funeral took place on Saturday. The service was at St. Giles', of which church Mr. Berry was a warden for some years.

The vicar, the Rev. J. W. Augur, conducted the service, and among the mourners were Miss M. A. Craddock, the housekeeper, who has been a faithful family retainer for over 32 years, and Mrs. Reid, who was Mr. Berry's personal secretary for over 20 years.

The family mourners were Miss Alice May Berry (daughter), Mr. Daniel Arthur Berry (son), Miss Charlotte Agnes Berry (sister), and Mr. James Augustus Berry (brother).

Mr. Berry's elder daughter, Florence Eva, had died only a few months before her father.