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Letter from Charlotte Marrion Jackson to her brother Charles Albert Jackson.

This letter was written on Sunday 12 January 1919. She died in childbirth when the twins were born later in March 1919.


An original copy is in the Society of Genealogist's Library.

transcript and translation of entry

JACKSON, Frederick, Newton Vicarage, Pickering. - Queen's College Birmingham 1860. Deacon 1863, Priest 1864 York. Vicar of Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Diocese of York, 1886. (Patron, Archbishop of York; Gross Vicarial Income from Ecclesiastical Commissioners £250 and House; Population 510.) Formerly Curate of Nafferton 1863-65; Carlton, Yorkshire 1865-69; Alkborough 1869-70; Dewsbury 1870-72; Appleton-le-Street 1874-80; Aberford, Yorkshire 1881-84; Dalton Holme, Yorkshire 1884-1885.


An original copy is in the Society of Genealogist's Library.

transcript and translation of entry

Jackson. Fredk. Birm.; Deacon 1863, Priest 1864 (York); cur. of Nafferton, Yorks. 1863-4; Charlton Snaith, Yorks. 1864-9; Alkborough, Lincs 1869-70; Dewsbury, Yorks. 1870-4; Appleton-le-Street, Yorks. 1874-6; Aberford, Leeds 1876-84; vic., from 1886, of Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Pickering, Yorks.

transcript and translation of entry

JACKSON, Frederic, Amotherby, Malton, Yorks. - Qu. Coll. Birm. 1860. Deacon 1863, Priest 1864 by Abp of York. C. of Appleton-le-Street, Dio. York. 1874. Formerly C. of Nafferton, Yorks. 1863-65 ; Carlton, Yorks, 1865-69 ; Alkborough w Whitton, Lincs, 1869-70 ; Dewsbury 1870-72.

Information about Newton Upon Rawcliffe, North Riding Yorkshire from Colin Hinson.

Description of Pickering from Bulmer's 1890 History and Directory of the North Riding. http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/NRY/Pickering/Pickering90

Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for Pickering in Bulmer's Directory of 1890. This includes Newton-upon-Rawcliffe township. http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/NRY/Pickering/Pickering90Dry

Photograph of St. John's Church, Newton Upon Rawcliffe. http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/NRY/Pickering/PhotoFrames/NewtonUponRawcliffeStJohn

Patents granted to Thomas Grayland Jackson

GB 1904 168 169 Roller gins &c 4-Jan-1904

GB 1910 30103 Improvements in Variable Speed Gearing for Cycles, Motor Cycles and other Purposes 29-Jun-1911
Thomas Grayland Jackson of Hestercombe, Glover Street, Redditch in the County of Worcester

GB422511 Improvements in and relating to the wrapping of block-shaped articles 14-Jan-1935

GB426583 Improvements in or relating to apparatus for feeding and severing webs 5-Apr-1935

GB445884 Improvements in or relating to wrapping machines 20-Ar-1936

GB464429 Improvements in or relating to the wrapping of block shaped articles 19-Apr-1937

Patents granted to Charles Jackson

GB 1885 11972 Improvements in Boots and Shoes for Mankind and Animals October 7

GB 1885 11975 Improvements in Bearings for Machinery October 7

GB 1885 11976 Improvements in Manufacture of Hardened Asbestos October 8
US 1887 359156 Manufacture of Hardened Asbestus March 8

Charles Jackson, Engineer of 134 Robin Hood Chase, Nottingham

Asbestos, mixed with binding-material, such as shellac dissolved in spirits, is heated to partly perish the binding-material, then exposed to heat and heavy pressure, and afterwards heated again. Metal, in the form of perforated plates and spirals of wire, may be combined with the asbestos and binding-material where greater strength and durability is required.

GB 1887 12179 Treating asbestos to obtain filter mats &c 8 September

GB 1887 13910 October 13

GB 1888 12962 September 7

US 1891 459469 Fastening to be used as Sleeve-links September 15



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